CH Wazzat Annata (AI)

Wazzat Annata AI  the first born Xoloitzcuintle in Australia in 2014 after a long five years of waiting.
With some very exciting imported semen from Mona Fribergs Multi Champion  Mexico ( Hoover) this was used on
Ch Pitaya (Alvarez) IMP MEX with the expert vets at Kudah Vets in Kelmscott conducting a surgical insemination and a C Section last June.
Annata is a nice example of the breed and is proving herself a character in the ring and making many friends with her OTT personality, despite her hard start to life she is still with us and amazes most days with her tenacity and we are all forever learning new tricks from her. Wazzat Annata became the first ever Australian bred Xolo champion of ANY size and variety in April 2015, we are very honoured with her two class in group wins and her attitude whilst showing to the title.
Pictured Mariah Atherton and Judge Mrs Hubbard (South Africa) on gaining Annatas Australian Title


I  will complete a separate page in time with Annatas journey and the effects of PRAA on dogs, which has been found NOT hereditary but none the less something that is not totally understood as to why, when and who it can affect. Read her story here
Annatas Story
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