The Xolos at Wazzat

In August 2009 Wazzat Xoloitzcuintle became the first in Australasia to import the Xoloitzcuintle breed we are extremely proud and excited to announce the first Xolo pair from USA Kennels Besito Xolo ( Patty Hoover).

Both are the fruit of many years of hard work and devotion to the Xolo breed by Besito Xolo with some of the best Mexican bloodlines available. Patty has had Besito Xolos championed in many countries worldwide, totalling over 170 titles worldwide and in the rare breed clubs of the USA.  These wins have included numerous World Champions and many BIS wins in FCI countries .

We welcome to Australia – the lovely bitch – Besito Taha Daha (Imported USA) – Taha carries an excellent pedigree of top USA and Mexican lines., including Premio Real dogs (Tlaloc, Amapola)and the well known Otomi Balam (Hoover).

Besitos Naca (Imported USA) – Naca carries a world class pedigree with both USA and Mexican lines including Tenango, (Arena) Papilotte, (Hoover) and some Premio Real dogs.

Taha Daha is a very primitive type in both body and character, slowly we are advancing towards the finer points in life! Taha has  great movement and is a delight to train, she is a very fast learner.

Naca is a very well put together type, a stunner and well constructed, he is breeze to train with his never ending want to please and his great excitement at most adventures and games. Naca is a true to type Xolo with very good movement and we are expecting from the mix of both to provide quality puppies in the future.  Naca is poetry in motion and has a perfect gait with a great topline that could hold a glass of champagne whilst moving!

In 2011 I imported a bitch bred by Victor ALVAREZ in partnership with Patty Hoover called Pitaya.  Pitaya quickly gained her Australian Title and many group and in show awards, travelling Australia to showcase the breed with some very special people. We look forward to the future with Pitaya providing some exciting puppies for the breed to continue in Australia with some semen from a dog one could only dream would be made available to Wazzat here in Australia.
Pitaya will always have a place in history as being accepted to be shown here without a Prefix to her name, I cannot thank the ANKC and the many people who made this possible, when many said it couldn’t be achieved, nothing is ever impossible.

In 2013 I was emailed by a  new comer to the breed in QLD, who wasnt aware there were Xolos in the country, and had contacted Rescues in the USA with a view to importing, I was surprised as I had many campaigned through  Australia.  I was so glad to be able to help the breed and the person to realise their dream,  I was asked for some tips for importing and I freely gave as much information as possible by email and correspondence, in mid 2014 a Miniature Xolo was imported with others soon after, this  later followed by some standards in 2016. I was extremely excited to have some competition at last, after being alone for over six years here in Australia.

As I have learnt from other xolo breeders and my many mentors, the key to sucess of the Xoloitzcuintle breed itself is the dedication of the Xolo community world wide. I hope to maintain communication with Xolo breeders across the globe, this is very important to share and learn from each other to promote the breed.  As with most things in life not everyone will have the same ideas and actions and more often than not people will disagree, with this I hope to respectfully learn and still share the Xolo ups and downs whilst contributing to this great breed.

I am sure the majority of Xolo breeders share in a common goal for the breed in ethical breeding and the promotion of responsible ownership including the ongoing education of the public.

I encourage all potential Xolo owners to join as many Xolo clubs as they can to gain the valuable information that the worlds Xolo breeders can share.

The FCM has implemented a program where a Standard sized Xolo cannot gain or have a FCM Championship confirmed until it has been x rayed for Hip displasia.  As Mexico feels this is important and and want proof that the Xolo is not dysplastic before a FCM title is given.  The FCM also requires that intermediates and miniature Xolos are x rayed to rule out luxating patellas.  As a result of this and because I care about the breed all  adult Xolos at Wazzat are x rayed and scored as a matter of course. I also require anyone purchasing a Xolo to complete these tests before breeding any Wazzat Xolo.

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