Xoloitzcuintle Care

Xolo CareThe products above are the basics I use and recommend in care for the Xolo skin,
Vaseline (Intensive Repair Moisturizer) Clean Oil (Grape, Olive, Vege Oil) Hamilton Skin Therapy Oil, Coconut Oil (Melrose Organic solid), Baby Bath Milk (Baby’s Choice) and Aloe Vera Pure Gel (Banana Boat). Just check ingredients the fewer chemicals and preserves the better, baby items or sensitive skin are best.

Human hair is usually about 4.5 to 5.0 PH with human skin around 5.8 Dogs skin can be neutral (about 7.0 pH) to slightly alkaline (8.0 pH) depending on breed, circumstances, feed, environmental factors, from what I have researched.

I like to use Baby Shampoo, bath milk as I have found this to be the best and nondrying of the skin, I use a Loofah and lather up the dog covering all areas, this gets rid of the shed and dead skin cells and any embedded dirt.  I wash the dogs once a week, and any time I take them where dirt, sand and debris comes into contact with their skin, in summer I wash about every second day as dust and dirt is more frequent where we walk, and the sweat from the heat causes blockages under the sun coats).

After the bash I lather the dog in coconut oil ( I have used Virgin Olive Oil and Grape seed oil even Vegetable oil) I wipe any excess off after about 5/10 mins, most will have soaked in to the skin leaving it silky smooth.

Be aware when clean and oiled for some reason a Xolo is attracted to any sand it can find and WILL roll and pretend it is a Lamington!!  I have been told too many baths strip oil, however I have not had this problem with the products I use, if the skin becomes dry, you may be using the wrong product, not loofahing enough (or too hard) or not oiling and moisturizing enough.    

Blackheads and acne are a part of most young Xolos, they will grow out of this, its just patience and skin care, any infections will require a course of antibiotics.

I DO NOT use sunscreen, (too many chemicals) and in my opinion it blocks the pores and affects the skin, I prefer sun coats for protection, and shaded areas, allowing access to a bit of sun.  The sun coats  have worked well with my dogs, Xolos love the sun and will bake all day if allowed, with proper skin care you can maintain a healthy skin and balance, sun spots are an inevitable part of being a Xolo. The Xolo WILL scratch the skin at the slightest (usually when you have a show coming up lol) but the scar will heal very quickly and be barely noticeable in a few weeks, in the Standard it states “accidental scars are not penalised”.

I use the moisture crème at nights in summer most days and when needed in winter, as long as you keep the skin clean you cannot over moisturize, the oil I use once a week or as needed. For shows I put the Hamilton’s on before I leave home and at the show use the Hamilton’s or the Aloe Vera just before going in the ring, Hamilton’s Oil will need a wipe of the excess, Aloe Vera doesn’t.

Xolo being a primitive breed their education is ongoing with crowds, noises etc. and this should be kept up for the first two years frequently to establish a temperamentally sound dog. I still frequent areas with my older dogs as it is easy to slip back to the “naturally” primitive traits they have.

Xolos can be prolific guarders, especially to those close to them, it is also important to socialize with as many people and animals as possible to stop this becoming a problem. Although they are a gentle breed, given the chance they can turn and show  a side that is as wild as an animal with a very nasty side ( as a close friend once found out!) Xolos also react to loud noises, (arguments, raised voices,) and swift actions, (fly swatting, etc.)  and can be affected in a fight or flight mode.  They generally will come around but are a very nervy dog, hard to explain, but once you have seen it and lived with a Xolo it will become clear, a dear friend of mine, I am sure never believed me until she witnessed these things first hand

I exercise my dogs (exercise as in walk,) as I know they are getting the same amount of essential exercise to keep the body in its natural shape, after all what you see is what you get, an unfit Xolo is the worst example of the breed to place for people to see, to me it’s like a Pageant Queen with cellulite, why wouldn’t you present the best possible example. I exercise my dogs, a brisk walk every day for 45 mins to 1 hour. Once a week we have free run of the same time at a park, or bush land where the dogs do as they please.

Xolos are not a kennel dog and do not do well in this environment, I will not rehome my dogs to kennels, nor would I want my dogs kenneled, bar medical reasons etc. They need the constant company of people and do well in this environment, they can become very bonded, and the more people that can be around them the better, they do well in a one environment where they can be comfortable with what is known to them.

I feed all my dogs on Black Hawk kibble and have found this to be the best for the Xolo, I supplement meat off cuts and a gravy to make the kibble more enticing and they get  chicken necks, Chicken carcasses to mix it up a bit.  The Xolos love a good dog bones and despite not being a full dentition breed love their bones (and believe it or not still hurt when they bite you!)

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