We have a litter of Miniature Xoloitzcuintle, 5 females, two coated and three hairless, mini are (25 to 35 cm ) born 4th December 2017, the dam is a direct Mexican Imported bitch and the sire a Norway male, both are in the mid range of miniature sizes and we expect both Intermediate and Miniature pups all being well. Pups will be available on Limit and Main register to approved homes, pets will be desexed, all pups wormed, chipped, vaccinated and with six weeks free pet insurance and lifetime breeder support.
Feel free to contact us via email for a Puppy Q and or it is available here .       
                                                       Puppy Q and A  

The Dam Guabaya (Alvarez) Imp Mexico


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Wazzat XOLOitzcuintle Australia .
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  Pets and show dogs will be available to the right homes. Please email xolo@bigpond.com for further information or join the Facebook site Wazzat XOLOitzcuintle Australia



All dogs we breed from have at least a  three generation pedigree, all dogs are Hip and Elbow scored and we have eyes checked (GPRA,HC)  this enables us to plan litters and see what is behind the dogs we breed. ALL dogs bred have a fully qualified temperament assessment before we breed, we are proud to say no dog we have owned or bred has been subject to a suspension through canine councils. 
Puppies will be available to pet and show homes,  a Puppy  Q & A  Form can be obtained via email or from our Facebook site, feel free to email xolo@bigpond.com  Puppy Q and A
Pets will be desexed before sale and show potential dogs sold on a joint name basis to enable certain requirements to be met for the best interests of the breed ( Health testing before breeding, and breeding responsibly to at least THREE generation full
pedigree standard sized Xoloitzcuintle )


PSF link below.
Prices of Xoloitzcuintle are not discussed until a Puppy Suitability Form (click on PSF link)  has been completed and suitability matched, we are no more expensive than any other pure bred ethical breeder and we don’t breed for profit, we breed for the advancement of the breed, as the founder in Australia we have a job to do well.  I do not have a supply of pups on call, as I do not operate as a business, and I do vet potential owners very carefully
Please email enquiries to xolo@bigpond.com
The right homes are paramount as breed ambassadors for the breed we enjoy the right people joining the Wazzat team to continue educating Australia in the breed as we have since 2009.


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