The Xolo Personality

At the moment I am commenting more from research and other helpful Xolo owners knowledge rather than extensive personal experience, having limited contact with my own Xoloitzcuintle for a matter of years.

The Xolo is considered to be a primitive dog very close to their original canine roots, more so than most other breeds, basically they are a pack type dog and they possess a bit of  working dog type temperament. The Xolo is known for its intelligence, and extreme devotion towards their pack, usually bonding very strongly with one person. Xolos revel in any time they can spend with their owner, doing whatever it is, it is of no consequence to the Xolo what you are doing, they just like to be there!


Xolos excel in the agility, confirmation and all dog sports, they are also known to make great Therapy dogs due to their love of people and pleasing their master.
Although they tend to form a bond with one person, if well socialised as a puppy (and no dog should be immune from this) they accept the public handling much better.
Around the home Xolo are calm and generally quiet, but are easily aroused by strange noises and out of the ordinary occurrences, to protect their master. The bond they from with their owner cannot be underestimated, I once read a Chinese Crested was the only breed known that would die of a broken heart if rehomed but I dare to say the Xolo may fit into this category due to the strong bond they form.

The mature Xolo once ensconced in the family pack is a calm, intelligent and very expressive companion.
Due to their extreme athleticism they love to play games and any energetic and fun pastime is ideal in Xolo worlds.  My Xolos have a strange fascination with the television and will watch it for a whole movie, or in Taha Dahas case until a rogue dog appears in “her” lounge room! They love any David Attenborough series and sit glued to the TV for hours.

As the Xolo is a very obedient dog when trained well they find nothing more pleasurable than gaining the praise and recognition of the family pack.  Xolos being remarkably easy to train through positive reinforcement and treats, excel in learning very fast. They are however, known to be very sensitive and do not respond well to harsh and brash reprimands.

If raised and trained from an early age with other pets Xolos are affectionate with most, although it is always wise to never leave children or other pets unattended with any dog, no matter what breed.
As ”people dogs” the Xolo is best suited to be a mainly indoor dog, they need consistant routine and structure in their life.
The Xolo being of high intelligence and eager to please the family makes an ideal addition to most families with suitable environments.  The Xolo comes  in two types, Coated and Hairless and three sizes:


Miniature 25 – 35 cm
Intermediate 36 – 45 cm
Standard 46 – 60 cm (Tolerance of 2cm in top quality dogs)


(Picture courtesy XCUSA)

It is very important to select the size that will be suitable for your lifestyle.  Ideally a single Xolo will fit very well into an only dog situation (more attention for the Xolo and they love that!)

Some owners have multiple Xolos and this is common, but I do recommend for a first Xolo, one is enough to fully appreciate the breed and concentrate fully on the Xolo itself.  The most important decision before embarking on the selection of a Xolo (adult or puppy) is research of the breed, and the right choice of breed if in fact the Xolo is for you. After selection the socialisation of the Xolo is of paramount importance as well.

Research has shown the breed does not appear to suffer from any major health or genetic problems. As with all breeds it is a good idea to have health checks and x rays completed on all dogs especially dogs that will be in a breeding program.  Dogs at Wazzat are all xrayed and scored (HD and elbows) and annual eye checks completed by a Veterinary Opthalmologist.  I DNA profile test all my dogs to prevent any discrepancies with breeding and for the welfare of the breed itself from unscrupulous or errorous mistakes being made by man himself.

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