Hypo Allergenic Dogs

Dander is material shed from the body of various animals, similar to dandruff or pet pollen. It may contain scales of dried skin and hair, or feathers. It is a frequent cause of allergy in humans.

What is a Hypo-allergenic dog?

All dogs no matter whether coated or hairless, fluffy or short haired produce dander (dead skin cells) and saliva, this is the main cause of allergy and reaction. Some persons can be allergic to urine,blood, semen, this however is less common. Hair alone is not the cause of allergies but the collection of dander, dust particles and pollen, which some people are sensitive to and react in various ways, some include sneezing, nasal and eye congestion, wheezing (asthma), rashes and headaches. Some breeds produce a smaller amount of dander than others and can be tolerated by allergy sufferers the term for these pets are usually hyper allergenic or low allergy.

Each person and animal is different and each should be looked at on an individual basis and tests and visits conducted before a final commitment.

Animal allergens are invisible particles that are very versatile and can remain in the air and general area the animal has been for many months. The particles can lie attached to walls, clothes and hidden in nooks and cracks like window seals and carpets. People who own animals can also bring allergens to contact other people because they travel attached to clothes, car interiors etc.

Do you Really want a Dog?

If you or a member of the household may be or is allergic to dogs, I encourage you to have allergy tests to determine exactly what the allergy is. No parent wants to see their child suffer through an allergic reaction that can be prevented, and no parent or adult wants to go through the agony of acquiring a dog only to have to give their beloved pet up.

Sometimes it is not possible due to allergies to have a pet, but if you are able to get a companion dog I encourage you to research breeds and reputable registered breeders that have low dander breeds.
Reputable breeders are always open and honest and will answer the myriad of questions you put to them be honest with your requirements and they can match you up with a possible suitable companion. After all they want the best possible home for their dogs as well. Some cases require the use of prescription medications and monitoring to enable the company of a pet. Discuss and develop a plan with your Dr or Allergy therapist.

To evaluate the breed you have chosen visit the breeder, have interaction with the dogs, touching and playing allowing the dog to lick and rub up against your body, breathing normally whilst you are there so any effect will be seen at the time or shortly thereafter. This will help determine if any possible reaction to the dogs are evident For best results select a breeder that has only one breed of dog, this will provide a more precise allergy test reaction that many breeds in the one area. It is also advisable to visit one breeder a week so the testing can be relied upon as to which actual dog/breed is right for you.

Although not as reliable, another idea that can be used if you have no breeders nearby is the “Shirt Test”, after speaking with a breeder send a T shirt to be kept with the selected breed for a while. When the shirt is returned wear the shirt with the dogged side next to your own skin, if you react to the T Shirt then this is obviously not the dog for you. If the test result is no reaction, then a follow up to the breeder and dogs in person should be conducted.

Tips to help reduce dander within the household:

  • Have an animal free room in your home (Usually the bedroom)
  • Have Air Purifiers in the home either static or portable.
  • Try to have non fabric furniture in the house.
  • Vacuum pet areas frequently to remove any dander build up.
  • Open windows and doors in pet areas to air.
  • Section off areas of the house to prevent unwanted pet entry.
  • Use tiles, wooden floors as an alternative to carpeting.
  • Avoid curtains, have blinds or venetians.
  • Clean and bath all pets on a frequent basis, keeps skin and hair healthy thus less dander.
  • Wash all pet bedding, toys and areas inside and out where pets are allowed.
  • Where animals are allowed cover the area with protection, (Lounges, car seats, mats)
  • Avoid clutter in the home where dander may collect.

Some Low Dander Breeds that may suit allergy sufferers.

Bedlington Terrier
Lowchen  Lowchen
Portuguese Water Dog
Kerry blue Terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier www.blondees-wheatens.net
Shih Tzu  Shih Tzu
Irish Water spaniel
Soft Coated Wheaten
Xoloitzcuintle  IMG_7587 Naca roo sm
Chinese Crested  Lilly Hpo dogs

But there are others that can be suitable such as the Airedale, Irish Terrier Etc., and many people can tolerate certain dogs, really it is all a matter of research and trial by each person for their own outcome. One can never be “one eyed” about anything!

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