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I have lived in Western Australia since immigrating to Australia with my family in 1973 from Cheshire in the United Kingdom. My parents Weimaraners were the first Weimaraner imports to Western Australia, one gaining his Australian Champion status a short time later along with Obedience Titles. This was ultimately the start of my dog loving journey. My mother was involved in showing and breeding Weimaraners under the Saxeweimar prefix. I showed in junior handling classes as a youngster and had the privilege of a Perth Royal Show win with a long tailed Weimaraner in the mid 70’s!

During the 80’s I became involved with horses and was successful in gaining my Reinspersons license and trained pacers for the then secretary of the WA Trotting Association. I also worked for 12 months in the UK for a Master of the Fox Hunt with his horses and hunt pack. I have continuously demonstrated an empathy with animals and have excelled in the training field with both dogs and horses.

     polly Drug Dog.jpeg First ever Passive alert dog in WA Duke_ Dept Of Corrective Services    Zoe  PC and Jacqi Sydney Royal 13  ch-show28-12-14-9493

During my employment with the Corrective Services Department I worked in the Canine Section working an AAD (Active Alert Dog). I developed a proposal to utilise the services of a PAD (Passive Alert Dog), although I was met with much indifference from management, I pushed my cause to the then Director who saw the merit in this program. I commenced training a dog (Duke the Labrador) under the guidance of an experienced Dog Trainer from the Victorian Corrections. Duke was instrumental towards making the Canine Section the success it is today. Duke lived to the ripe old age of 14 years and has departed for the Rainbow Bridge in December 2008. I am very proud to say the PAD scheme is one of the Departments most effective tools in the many drug strategy programs.

Working as a Community Law and Safety Officer (Ranger Services) I continued my love of dogs and animal care with legislation and compliance, and other local government areas. I enjoyed the work and the educational component of the job and the organisation of the annual Bunbury Dog Expo.

My next chapter of life is just unfolding, with the Xoloitzcuintle expedition and the presentation to Australia of these remarkable dogs, I am very proud to be the first to import, breed and be able to share the breed with people who become a part of an ever expanding family.  After many years of research watching, contacting and finding the right reputable and honest breeders I could rely on to send me correct dogs I began my journey.   My first email was sent on August 8th 2008 after extensive research on the hairless dog breeds (Peruvian Inca Orchid, Peruvian Dog and the Xoloitzcuintle) almost a year later the first Xolos arrived in Australia. Encouraged by my husband who has been an inspiration throughout my journey I decided to make my dream a reality. I emailed one of the worlds top Xolo kennels in Besito Kennels (Patty Hoover), and as they say the rest is history.

What an exciting journey I begin.
The journey has continued with the help of excellent breeders worldwide and the continual advice and wonderful examples of animals they allow me to own or come to Australia is never ending.  With the breed here now in its eight year, it is encouraging to see new people starting to import and enjoy the journey, I can only hope they have as much fun as I have had and their mentors look after them as mine have with quality dogs.
2016/17 is an exciting year for the Wazzat team, both here and overseas, we have a great Xolo family here and are expecting some new arrivals later in the year, and it is expected a few more standards to our shores from people who have arranged to import through advice given, we are excited and welcome you all to the team. We have Xolos showing in Europe in 2017 and look forward to following their journey.
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